Our objective is to provide a solid source of objective information on water and energy issues facing Southern California and the West. Also, to preserve the regional history of Water and Electricity and show its role in the development and growth of the City of Los Angeles.



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Historical Record Committee Update

The Water and Power Associates have a high interest in seeing an accurate historical record associated with LADWP and its activities preserved and made readily accessible to the public and scholars.  The historical record is contained in artifacts, documents and photographs that have been generated through the Department’s activities...


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What’s New!

We invite you to visit our newest Virtual Museum Section: Early Boylston Street Yard

Boylston Street Yard played a vital role in providing electrical power to the city of Los Angeles since 1896.

The following three historical sections were also recently added to our Virtual Museum:





Special Collections

In our Virtual Museum Section, we now offer links to special collections, papers and databases that provide unique and diverse perspectives into the history of the municipal water system in Los Angeles during the 20th century.

These collections, hosted by the CSUN Oviatt Digital Library and sponsored by Metabolic Studios, offer researchers insight into the unique history of urban development and the evolution of the municipal water system in Los Angeles. Records in the collections chronicle the roles played by politicians and local politics; private business and industry; civic organizations; and local, state, and federal governmental agencies invested in providing water to the city’s rapidly growing population.






Mystery History

Test your knowledge of Los Angeles History by visiting our Mystery History Section.


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Featured Historical Interview

For an inisghtful perspective on the relationship between Owens Valley and the City of Los Angeles following the construction of the LA Aqueduct as well as the dynamics between early DWP management and City Officials, read the transcripts of a Steve Erie interview with Robert V. Phillips, Chief Engineer and General Manager of DWP, 1972-75 (Both Mr. Phillips and his father knew and worked with William Mulholland and H. A. Van Norman).


Robert Phillips Interview:     Part 1 --- Part 2 --- Part 3




Virtual Museum

Visit our Museum Section to see how Water and Electricity contributed to the development of the City of Los Angeles.


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Have Something Historical To Share?  We Want To Know!

Do you have items to share? We would welcome photos of old buildings, early city views, correspondence, newspapers, early sports teams, and events that pertain to the History of Water and Electricity and/or the History of Los Angeles and Southern California in general. If you would like to retain the originals, we would be happy to scan the items and return them to you.

Take a look in your attics, and think of what you can help us collect for future generations to enjoy! If interested, please contact us at: webmaster@waterandpower.org.

Note: Water and Power Associates, Inc. is a 501 (c) 3 organization, and donations are deductible to the extent permitted by law.