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Electricity in Early Los Angeles

Electricity on the Aqueduct

First Municipal Power Pole

St. Francis Dam Disaster

Ezra Scattergood Biography

Construction of Hoover Dam

Early Power Generation

Early Power Transmission

Early Power Substations

Early Station Operations

Early Distribution Stations

Early Power Distribution

Early Los Angeles Streetlights

Water in Early Los Angeles

Zanjeros: 1781-1903

Zanja Madre - LA's Original Aqueduct

Municipal Ownership - 1902

Fred Eaton and William Mulholland

William Mulholland Biography

Three Fathers of the LA Aqueduct

The Story of the LA Aqueduct

Construction of the LA Aqueduct

LA Aqueduct Opening Day - 1913

Metropolitan Water District

Colorado River Aqueduct

Mulholland-Colorado Aqueduct



Special Interest


Early Load Dispatch

Early Test Lab

Early Machine Shop

Early Boylston St. Yard

Early Tree Trimming

Early DWP Inventions

Early Addressograph Section

Other DWP Historical Photos

Mystery History

Construction of the GOB

DWP - Name Change Chronology

Early Commercial Section

Early DWP Branch Offices

Museum Artifacts: 1

Museum Artifacts: A B

Museum Artifacts: C D

Early DWP & SCE Marketing

Early Municipal Water and Power Ads

Early DWP Board and Management

LA Aqueduct Opening Ceremony

Second LA Aqueduct - 1970

Early LA Waterworks System

Early LA Water Reservoirs

Early Water Construction

Early Water Engr'g and Staff

Early Water Quality

Early Ducommun Yard

Water Dept's Original Building

Mulholland Dam-Hollyw'd Rsvr.

William Mulholland Monuments


Special Collections


Andrae B. Nordskog Collection

Homer A. Halverson Collection

Catherine Mulholland Collection

Feather River Project Association

Samuel B. Nelson Collection

Duane L. Georgeson Papers


Los Angeles Historical Photos


Early City Views (1800s)

Historical Bldgs (1800s)

Early Hollywood (1850 - 1920)

Early San Fernando Mission

Early Los Angeles Plaza

Early Amusement Parks

Baseball in Early Los Angeles

Aviation in Early Los Angeles

Early San Pedro and Wilmington

Early City Views (1900 - 1925)

Historical Bldgs (1900 - 1925)

Early Views of Hollywood (1920 +)

Early Views of the San Fernando Valley

California Historical Landmarks in LA

Historical Timeline of Los Angeles

Los Angeles River - The Unpredictable

Early Views of Mt. Lowe Railway

Early Views of Santa Catalina Island

Early City Views (1925 +)

Historical Bldgs (1925 +)

Early Views of Hollywood Bowl

Early Views of Pasadena

Early Views of Santa Monica

Early Views of UCLA / Westwood

Early Views of USC

Early Views of Historic Main Street

Early Los Angeles Streetlights


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