The following is a collection of oral histories covering the growth and development of the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power (DWP) as seen by the participants – its employees.  The collection preserves the stories of distinctive and diverse individuals whose historical experiences have shaped the collective memory of DWP.

It is our belief that the interviews are not only an important source of DWP history but are useful to today's management in providing context to current issues.


Joint System and City Attorney Office Interviews

Russell H. Rawson – Retired in 1992 as a Water Works Engineer - "Water & Land Use Engineer".

Lloyd Adolph Herbs – Retired February 1, 1985 as a Commercial Executive, Customer Relations Office.

James W. Franklin – Retired June 30, 1971 as Executive Staff Assistant, General Plant Division.

William Thomas Trainor – Retired in 1984 as Superintendent of Stores.

William Glen Niccum – Retired January 1, 1985 - Building Repairman

Gerald L. Niederdeppe – Retired October 1, 1980 as a Commercial Executive, Commercial Division – “Working Up the Ranks at DWP”

Edward C. Farrell – Retired Chief Assistant City Attorney for Water and Power

Edward A. Schlotman – Retired Assistant City Attorney for Water and Power

Dennis C. Williams – Retired Manager, General Services Division



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