Our Mission

Informing the Public about Critical Water and Energy Issues facing Los Angeles and California.



The Los Angeles Water and Power Associates, Inc. is a nonprofit, independent, private organization incorporated in 1971. Our fundamental purpose is to inform and educate our members, public officials, and the general public about critical water and energy issues that impact the citizens of Los Angeles, Southern California, and the State of California.

Our secondary mission revolves around preserving the historical narrative of water

and electricity within the region, highlighting their roles in shaping the development and progress of Los Angeles. We are also dedicated to sharing knowledge about the diverse and culturally rich history of the greater Los Angeles area. Serving as a historical resource, we contribute to the conservation of the city's historical records.

Furthermore, our mission encompasses the exhibition of early photographs depicting Los Angeles and its surroundings, including transportation systems, buildings, and ways of life. This presentation is designed to both celebrate and safeguard the area's cultural heritage. Such a repository not only provides historical insights but also fosters cultural appreciation and identity. Moreover, it facilitates research and education, ensuring that urban heritage is preserved for generations to come.




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Please support the Water and Power Associates' ongoing endeavor to research, document and share information regarding critical water and energy issues and also to preserve the regional history of water and electricity as well as the City's historic records.



Note: Water and Power Associates, Inc. is a 501 (c) 4 organization, and donations are deductible to the extent permitted by law.