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Position on Solar Feed in Tariff (FiT)


July 1, 2013

The Los Angeles Board of Water and Power Commissioners
111 N. Hope Street
Los Angeles, California 90012


Re:  Board of Water and Power Commissioners Action regarding Solar Feed in Tariffs



It is the understanding of the Water and Power Associates that the duty of the Rate Payer Advocate is to provide independent analysis to the Board on its actions that will, among other things, affect rates.

It is the Associates further understanding that Mr. Fred Pickel, the Rate Payer Advocate, has recommended to the Board of Commissioners that it delay the pricing guidelines for LADWP’s Solar Feed in Tariff (FiT) program until there is a more adequate understanding of its impacts on the citizens of the City and the Department of Water and Power.

However, the Board, at its June 20, 2013 meeting, elected to set aside the Rate Payer Advocate’s recommendation on the FiT program , despite what appears to be strong evidence that the costs are not consistent with ( i.e. significantly higher than) other FiT programs in California.  

The Associates are not privy to all the facts or discussions that led to the  Board’s decision but believe that decision may well  have long-term consequences on the increasing cost of electricity for the City’s ratepayers, its residents and businesses.

In light of other significant costs that will compel the Department's Power System to seek increases  to the electric rates over the next few years, we believe that before the ratepayers are asked to pay the bill they deserve to have full disclosure of the benefits and costs of the FiT program.

Accordingly, we recommend that your Board, as public policy and prior to the award of any contracts under the FiT program, be thoroughly briefed by Department management on the issues raised by the Rate Payer Advocate.




Edward A. Schlotman, President 

Water and Power Associates, Inc.


Cc: Fred Pickel                                                
DWP GM                                                       
Sr. Assist GM, Power
City Council


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