Institutional History (LADWP)

Intake Magazine - July-August 1981


Note: Dennis Miller, Hoddy Rupp. and Nabil Assaf (all retired), continue to stay active by participating in hiking and biking groups. They still ride together regularly and compete in multiple Century rides every year. Dennis has completed an amazing 37 Grand Tour Double Centuries as of June 2018. All three are still going strong!


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Intake Magazine - June 1978


Page 2


Note: David Oliphant currently serves on the Executive Board of Water and Power Associates, Inc.


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(ca. 1930s) - Photo showing Otto Oltmann standing next to his work truck.  Oltmann worked at the Chatsworth Reservoir

Photo courtesy of Jennifer Staton (granddaughter).

Note:  Lettering on truck reads: Bureau of Water Works & Supply.  In 1937, Bureau of Water Works & Supply merged with Bureau of Bureau of Power and Light to form Los Angeles Department of Water and Power (DWP).*




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