Mystery History Answers (April 2018)

(1960s)* - This view is looking northwest toward the newly constructed Music Center and DWP Building (JFB) as seen from the observation deck of City Hall. The two buildings in the foreground no longer exist. They are (L to R): the State Building and the Hall of Records.  




State Building

(1932)^ - Thousands attend the opening ceremonies of the State Building in downtown Los Angeles. The Hall of Records Building is seen on the right.  


Historical Notes

The State Building was completed in 1931 at a cost of more than $2 million. It was dedicated the day before the opening of the 1932 Olympics in a ceremony that featured Amelia Earhart.

The building was damaged in the 1971 San Fernando earthquake, and in May of 1973 the state authorized an "orderly evacuation" after testing found the structure to be unsafe. The empty building was torn down in early 1976.

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Hall of Records

(ca. 1960)^ - View of the Hall of Records with City Hall towering behind it. In the foreground stands the Stephen M. White Statue.  


Historical Notes

Los Angeles County's 12-story Hall of Records Building was utilitzed by the County of Los Angeles from 1911 until 1976. Designed by the Los Angeles tandem of Hudson and Munsell, Architects, the skyscraper government building cost approximately $1.5 million to erect in 1908.

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References and Credits

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