Mystery History Answers (Oct. 2016)

Temple and Main Streets (1884)

(1884)^ - View of an unpaved Temple Street, looking west as seen from the second floor of the Temple Block on Main Street. Horse-drawn carriages and wagons are parked along the street. In the right foreground is the Downey Block, housing the Crystal Palace, wholesale and retail sellers of crockery and china ware. Behind it is the Temple Street Stables. At left-center with ptiched roof and circular window is the St. Athanasius Episcopal Church located at the southwest corner of Temple and New High streets. Poles strung with electric/telephone wires are seen in the foreground.  



Temple and Main Streets (2016)

(2016)** - Google Street View looking west on Temple Street from Main Street with City Hall (mostly out of view) to the left and the Federal Courthouse and U.S. Post Office Building on the right.  



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References and Credits

^ LA Public Library Image Archive

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