Mulholland Scattergood Learning Center



Each of the artifacts which we are about to show you were used in historical displays at the 150th anniversary of the birth of William Mulholland. They figured prominently in the development of the water and power systems of the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power. Today, many have been replaced by more modern tools. Do you know what they were used for, who invented them, when they were invented, and are they still being used for the same purpose?. If they have been replaced, do you know what replaced them?


What were these items used for? How might they have helped in the development of the City's water and sewer systems?



The tower pictured here is significant for its design, though it may look the same as any other transmission tower.

Do you know who designed it and how it differs from other towers of the kind? A principle of physics gives it added strength.




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