St. Vincent de Paul Church

(ca. 1924)* - A construction fence and temporary buildings surround the St. Vincent de Paul Catholic Church, 621 W. Adams Blvd., as it is being built. Scaffolding is on the dome and sides. Limestone blocks for the facade lie on the ground in front of the entrance. The surrounding neighborhood has stately homes with extensive grounds.  


Historical Notes

The St. Vincent de Paul Church (aka St. Vincent Catholic Church) was built in the 1920s and designed by architect Albert C. Martin, Sr. Dedicated in 1925, it was located in what was then one of the wealthiest sections of the city, on land adjacent to the Edward Doheny Mansion and Stimson House. It was the second Roman Catholic church in Los Angeles to be consecrated.^




(ca. 1925)* - View of a newly completed St. Vincent Catholic Church located at the northwest corner of Adams and Figueroa St.  


Historical Notes

The Spanish Colonial Revival style St. Vincent Church was built in 1923-25. The decorative entrance is of Indiana limestone and brightly colored tile covers the 45 foot diameter dome. The interior ceiling decoration is by John B. Smeraldi.*




(1925)* - Closer view of the newly constructed St. Vincent Catholic Church at 621 W. Adams Blvd.  


Historical Notes

St. Vincent de Paul Roman Catholic Church was a gift from oil magnate and benefactor Edward Laurence Doheny I, who drilled Los Angeles' first oil well in 1892.




(1930s)* - Exterior view of the main facade of St. Vincent de Paul Roman Catholic Church, located on the northwest corner of S. Figueroa and W. Adams.  





(1934)^ – View looking at the St. Vincent Catholic Church as seen from a Union 76 service station located across the street, on the NE corner of West Adams Boulevard and South Figueroa Street.  





(2010s)^.^ – View looking at one of the main architectural features of the St. Vincent de Paul Roman Catholic Church – it’s 44-foot dome.  


Historical Notes

The Wurster Construction Company’s E.M. Lukens reported the strength of the 44-foot concrete dome was tested by hanging sand bags from “the entire circumference of the dome to the weight of thirty pounds per square foot and an additional thirty pounds per square foot over one-half the circumference.” After two days, an additional ten tons was suspended from the center with no deflection noted.




(n.d.)**# – Close-up view of the Saint Vincent de Paul Church showing details of the tiled dome.  


Historical Notes

The underside of the dome features eight paintings of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John and their symbols: man; lion; ox; and eagle.

In 1971, Saint Vincent de Paul Church was dedicated Los Angeles Historic-Cultural Monument No. 90 (Click HERE for complete listing).

Click HERE for contemporary view.




(2020)^.^ - St. Vincent de Paul Roman Catholic Church.  Photo by Don Saban  




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