Wilshire Christian Church (today Oasis Church)

(1927)* - Exterior view of the Romanesque Revival style Wilshire Christian Church during its construction, as seen from the western side of Normandie Avenue. The church is located on the northeast corner of Wilshire and Normandie. In the view above, the church's large rose window designed by Judson Studios has yet to be installed, but the window opening has been covered to protect the interior of the structure.  


Historical Notes

After land was donated by Charles Chapman in 1911, a small bungalow style church was built at this corner of Wilshire Boulevard and Normandie Avenue. In 1927 the original church was replaced by this Northern Italian Romanesque style structure with a 200-foot tower, designed by Robert H. Orr.




(ca. 1927)* - Exterior view of the Romanesque Revival style Wilshire Christian Church located at 634 S. Normandie Ave, as seen from the southwest corner of the intersection of Normandie and Wilshire not long after it was constructed in 1927.  


Historical Notes

The massive Romanesque structure with Byzantine elements was designed by Robert Orr, a prominent architect of Protestant churches in Southern California and a member of the congregation.^




(1929)* - A view looking east down Wilshire Boulevard past the painted arrow on the street telling traffic to "Slow - Crossing". On the right side is the Estrada's Spanish Kitchen Restaurant, and on the left side is the Wilshire Christian Church. On past the church is the Gaylord Apartment Building.  


Historical Notes

The church was designed for maximum visibility for passing cars on the developing thoroughfare, with a 200-foot-tall tower and corner orientation.




(1928)^#^ – View looking east showing the Wilshire Christian Church on the NE corner of Wilshire and Normandie Ave.  In the distance can also be seen the Original Brown Derby Restaurant and the Gaylord Apartment Building.  





(ca. 1935)^ –  Postcard view of the Wilshire Christian Church and Gaylord Apartment Building on Wilshire Boulevard.  The radio transmitting tower east of the church belonged to KFAC Radio Station, located at Mariposa and Wilshire.  





(ca. 1948)* - View showing the Romanesque Revival style Wilshire Christian Church, as seen from the southwest corner of the intersection of Normandie Avenue and Wilshire Boulevard. The two towers of the neighboring KFAC classical music radio station are visible in the background.  


Historical Notes

On May 19, 1940, First Christian Church of Los Angeles merged with Wilshire Boulevard Christian Church to become Wilshire Christian Church, which is of the Disciples of Christ denomination.




(2020)^.^ - Oasis Church (previously Wilshire Christian Church) at 634 S. Normanide Ave in Koreatown with the Equitable Building seen in the background.  Photo by Howie Gray  


Historical Notes

The 1927-built Romanesque Revival-style building designed by Robert Orr was bought by Oasis Church in 2012. The Wilshire Christian Church congregation moved to a new location at 550 South Berendo Street.




(2011)+^^ – View looking southwest showing the Equitable Building with the Wilshire Christian Church in the foreground.  Photo by Michele Canonico  


Historical Notes

The Wilshire Christian Church building (today Oasis Church) was dedicated Los Angeles Historic-Cultural Monument No. 209 in 1979. (Click HERE to see complete listing).




(2018)^.^ – View looking up to the top of what is now the Oasis Church. The Wilshire Christian Church congregation moved to a new location at 550 South Berendo Street.  





(2021)* – View showing the Oasis Church in Koreatown with the Central Plaza (Tishman Building) seen in the background across Wilshire Boulevard. Opened in 1927 and designed by Robert Orr the church building was originally named 'Wilshire Blvd Christian Church' (Romanesque Revival with Byzantine elements). Photo by Howard Gray  





(2018)^.^ - Close-up view of the Oasis Church Rose Window, previously Wilshire Christian Church. It is a replica of the one at the Reims Cathedral in France, created by the Judson Studios of Hancock Park and designed by Robert Orr.  


Historical Notes

Oasis Church began as a Bible-study group of ten people in Beverly Hills. From that community, Philip and Holly Wagner decided to found a church, which had about thirty initial parishioners. One of the original members of the Bible-study group was singer Donna Summer, and more recent members include Viola Davis.  The congregation moved to the Oasis Theatre in the 1990s, and to the Wilshire Christian Church during the 2010s. By the 2010s, the church had more than three thousand members. It is known for the diversity of its fellowship.*^



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